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Naomi T. Salmon & Nikos Arvanitis
Barking Dogs United: SIZE MATTERZ
ACC Gallery | Weimar | January 19th through March 16th, 2008


barking dogs logo

Barking Dogs United is an Artist Duo founded by Nikos Arvanitis und Naomi Tereza Salmon in 2005 In their Manifest it says: "We work on a future, in which there are no more artists, only no-artists“.

In the center of the SIZE MATTERZ exhibition stand objects, which have lost their spatial relationship and with it lost their grip, or their function has been altered. Prefabricated skateboards and self built items, such as: a three-way socket, a pistol, a navigation system, a lighter as well as video projections are installed in the gallery. Arvanitis and Salmon create a feeling of uncertainty, as though the visitor would be an Alice in Wonderland of art. In the entrance one is confronted with the  Barking Dogs United Manifest. Light boxes with drawings of manipulated schemata accompany the viewer through the show. The whole skateboard floor surface generates an unsteady level — an unsteady plane under one’s feet.

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Barking Dogs United, do cook, watch films, read newspapers, listen to music, check e-mails, and talk on the phone.
Do the dishes, do go shopping, and do frequent the 99cent store.
Do draw, make photos, videos, objects, and installations.
Do dance, make music, and like to party.
Do drink, mainly beer, and do smoke.
Barking Dogs United do watch porn movies, and do masturbate.
Do believe in bender, do play with guns, and do shoot bulbs happily.
Do work, do get sick, do go out for dinner, do brush their teeth, do wash their feet, and feel so good.
Do play lotto, and do want to win, fuck.
Do pay their taxes, do travel, do live abroad, do leave abroad, and do come along. Barking Dogs United, do brainy stuff too, like brain fucking, brainwashing, brain drilling, brainstorming, brain crashing, brain-crossing, trashing, and thrashing. But anyhow, Barking Dogs United do it both ways, do construct, do repair, do build, and do cause damage.
Barking Dogs United do not own a dog, but do wake up, do go to pee, do make coffee, or tea, do turn on the laptop, do down and upload, do go under the shower, do get dressed, do walk to work, do work at work, do take lunch-break.
Do go back to work.
After work, do go to the supermarket, do fetch Italian, do go for beers and burgers, do use bad language.
Barking Dogs United work for a future in which there will be no more artists, only no-artists.
Barking Dogs United do end their manifesto here.
Weimar, 2005.

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SIZE MATTERZ is the theme of a playful gallery tour. The Artist Duo dedicates itself in an ironic way to questions such as: what role does the artist play in society today? Is he a social worker or an entertainer? What is his relationship towards the art market, the gallery, and the public? In an age of multi-tasking, the artist today has to be able to deal with everything, from art production, to self-marketing, to being skilled in explaining and declaring what he does. Salmon and Arvanitis reflect their working and living process and are trying to fathom the borders between chaos and order, self-expression and fame, individual unfolding and economic pressure. Their fifteen minutes of fame are just starting or are already over long ago. more

Nikos Arvanitis, born 1979 in Athens, Greece, has lived and worked in Germany since 2004. He studied in Vienna, Athens, and Weimar.

Naomi Tereza Salmon, born 1965 in Jerusalem, Israel, has lived and worked in Germany since 1991. She studied in Jerusalem and Weimar. The works of both artists have been nationally, and internationally shown. All components of Size Matterz are being created on the occasion of the exhibition at the ACC gallery Weimar.

You are welcome to join the after opening party at Haus Soziokultur Gerberstraße 3, Weimar, featuring Mosh Mosh, an Electro/Comedy/Glam Rockduo from Berlin ( Start: 23:00.

Frank Motz, Director ACC Gallery Weimar

ACC Galerie Weimar
Burgplatz 1 + 2, D - 99423 Weimar
Tel. (+49) 03643-851261
Fax: 03643-851263

Head of the project from Weimar: Professor Liz Bachhuber and Susanne Bosch (assistant professor).

Opening on 16.02.2006 at 13 h, in the library Tweebronnen or the city hall.
A catalogue will be published (May 2006 in English and Dutch).